CareAline Reusable Isolation Gown - Level 1

CareAline Level 1 Reusable Isolation Gown - $0.47 per use - come in packs of 10 and sample singles
Our gowns are available for Pre-Order now. The expected ship date is July 6, 2020. Our products are made in Fall River, MA and will ship as quickly as possible as they are made. (For bulk orders, contact us at 617-548-7419 or
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Protect yourself, your patients and your community. 

Powered by Milliken™ Perimeter™ barrier fabric

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We wanted to provide you with the same, safe, quality products that you are used to purchasing from the CareAline brand. 

Our products are made with intention. We worked with infection control professionals and tested - and re-tested - our products for safety and wearability - all to keep you, your patients, and your community safe. Our gowns have been designed with input from top infection preventionists and PPE experts to offer superior coverage, and ease of donning and doffing. Reusable at least 75 times, gowns cost less than $0.47 per use, saving money and waste in your hospital or facility. Made in the USA from USA sourced materials. 

Our Level 1 Reusable Isolation Gowns feature

 -Reusable fabric that meets ANSI/AAMI PB70 standards for level 1 isolation gowns. 

    • washable and reusable at least 75 times 
    • $0.47 per use 

 -Clinician requested features for better performance

    • tear away design with overlapping Velcro closure and neck and back
    • High collar to protect the high risk splash zone of the chest, shoulders, and neck. 
    • Thumbhole cuff goes inside the glove for better coverage. 

 -Two size offerings

 The CareAline Reusable Isolation Gown is designed to be comfortable and protective. 


Size – 

Large -

Sweep 57 inches  Length 44 inches

3XL - 

Sweep 70 inches  Length 47 inches


How to use the CareAline Reusable Isolation Gown

**Use these guidelines as they fit into your facility's donning and doffing sequence.**

To put on your gown:

Unfold your gown and open the Velcro Closures. 

Place your arms into the sleeves and slide your thumbs into the holes on the cuff.

Wrap the gown around your back, securing the Velcro closure at the neck and waist. 

To remove your gown:

Grab the gown at the waist near the overlapping Velcro and pull forward to separate the Velcro Closure. 

Grab the gown at the back of your shoulders near the overlapping Velcro and pull forward to separate the Velcro closure

Pull the gown forward, turning the sleeves inside out as you remove the gown. 



CareAline Reusable Isolation Gowns are made out of fabrics that have been manufactured with a fluid resistant finish. They can be laundered and reused. CareAline guarantees their gowns will maintain effective fluid resistance through a Minimum of 25 washes. Fluid resistance can be further impacted by improper handling and laundering procedures. In order to maintain the desired level of fluid resistance, cleanliness, comfort and durability, it is important to follow the laundering guidelines below.

  • Wash CareAline Isolation Gowns separately from other items.
  • Do not overload washing equipment to avoid insufficient cleaning, rinsing or excessive garment wrinkling. Generally, load at 50% to 70% rated capacity depending on washer pocket configuration.
  • Recommended wash temperatures are 140°F to 150°F. Do not exceed 160°F.
  • Non-chlorine bleaches may be used as required for stain removal and sanitizing.
  • Chlorine bleach is not recommended.
  • Proper rinsing is critical to fluid resistant performance. Any remaining surfactant or detergent on the fabric will reduce the surface tension of fluids resulting in strike through.
  • Tumble dry with cool-down cycle to minimize wrinkling. Tumble drying is a necessary step to maintain best fluid resistance. Heat from a hot dry cycle is important to reactivate the fluid resistant
  • chemistry. Normal dryer operation should allow garment temperatures of 240°F to 280°F maximum.
  • A proper cool down is necessary to minimize wrinkling. Prompt removal of garments from the dryer also minimizes compaction wrinkling.
  • Do not dry clean, use softeners, or topical anti-static finishes as they will deteriorate the fluid resistant finish. Excessive alkalinity, temperature, mechanical action and abrasion can reduce effectiveness of fluid resistant finishes.
  • Do not use high PH or solvated detergents.
  • Do not use rust preventative sours.
  • All loads should be soured. Sour to pH range 5.5 - 6.0. Do not use rust preventive sours.
  • Centrifugal extraction is preferable but do not exceed 100g’s. Do not use hydraulic orram type extractors. The resulting hard creases may cause fluid strikethrough sites.
  • It is recommended that damaged garments be removed from service and replaced.


*The technology is durable for at least 75 launderings. 

30 guarantee for manufacturing defects. Due to the nature of the product, no other returns can be accepted at this time. Ships from Fall River, MA in 24 hours. Friday and weekend orders will ship the following Monday. Orders ship via the US Post office, if you need alternative shipping, please contact us at or Call 617-548-7419