CareAline CARES Give Back Program

The CareAline CARES Give Back Program
Our experience as patients has led us to understand what it means to receive help from organizations that make it their mission to support people when they need it the most. We wanted to be able to give back to those communities that helped us, and to others that help people with different needs get what they need. We started the CareAline CARES Give Back Program to help support the services and programs run by non profits. Rather than doing a buy-one-give-one type of platform, our program allows non profits to receive dollars each quarter that they can put towards what they need to fund; their existing projects and programs. 
The program is simple: 
Non profits partner with us and receive a unique coupon code. That code gives customers who use it 10% off in our shop, and returns $2 for every use back to the non profit organization. Every quarter, the organization receives a check for the total donation amount based on the number of times the code is used. 
To learn more about each of our partner organizations click their logo below. 
If you would like to partner with us and join our CARES Give Back Program, email us at
Our Partner Organizations
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