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This is the solution for PICC line protection!

I am a nurse, so I tried some tips from other medical people first for covering the PICC line I had. This is my first PICC line, so I tried cutting off socks and cutting off hosiery (better than socks) to make a sleeve for my line. I have the 17" extension on the access point and this makes those options fail often. The best before buying the CareAline sleeve was two pieces cut off knee high hosiery and putting them on with the seam at top on one and at the bottom on the other; a piece of tape on the extension helped. Forget all that!! I got red rings around my arm from those options and it is never good to have to use tape (residue and hair pulling). The CareAline PICC sleeve leaves no ring on my arm and I use no tape. It stays in place much better than the other options I tried. I had nightmares of the line getting loose and pulling out my PICC line before I started using the CareAline sleeve. I would be walking and the lines would come loose and dangle before using the CareAline sleeve.

       - Daniel L. Pease, RN


This sleeve is an excellent design. So glad to find something like this. Not sure what we would have done without it. It perfectly fits, is functionally, protects and disguises. My son did not like to see the picc line or bandage, so this helped him emotionally. It was great for me as his caregiver, because it was very functional, easy to get to the line when needed and provided a pocket to keep the port safe, secure and clean. ... Would highly recommend this product and company. Great design and product.

       - Parent of a child with a PICC Line 


Works for even a super-sensory kid. Due to multiple repairs, my son's line is very long. Securing it with tape was getting dicey, but he is really sensory. Well, after fighting to get it on, I convinced him we'd take it o° the next morning if he still found it objectionable. He's had it on since 4 days ago. He forgot it was there!

       - A satisfied parent and child


Thank you for sending our boys their Care-A-Lines! We use it on both our 4 and 2 year olds who wear tubes continuously. Our 2 year old has a central line and a GJ and it holds both of his Broviac and his GJ extensions great. We ordered some of our 4 year old, who just has GJ, and it secures his extensions wonderfully without having to use tape or coban as we have used in the past for years. Their skin looks amazing and their complaints of itching have gone away. Thank you very much for your work, you have made our boys much more comfortable wearing their tubes!

       - Jason and Sarah, parents of two children with GJ tubes and Broviac’s 


They help keep the kids fingers off the line and not "picking" at the dressing. Helps keep the dressing intact which in turn helps with dislodgement and infection.

       - Nurse H. F., Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO