CareAline Everyday Mask

CareAline Everyday Mask
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Protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Powered by Milliken™ BioSmart™ technology*

Available on MA Statewide Contract HLS06

The CareAline Everyday Mask is designed to be comfortable and protective. Made with chlorine activated BioSmart fabric, the mask has antimicrobial properties when activated with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach in the wash. Our three layer design combines the Biosmart outer layer, a washable non woven filter layer, and a microfiber, moisture wicking fabric inner layer for added comfort.
*When laundered with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach, BioSmart™ technology binds chlorine to the surface of the fabric, which then kills 99.9% of many common bacteria and viruses. BioSmart™ technology is durable up to 75 industrial wash cycles.

Find your size 

Using a soft tape measure, measure from the bridge of the nose to under the chin.

Size – measured from the bridge of the nose to under the chin

S – 3.75-4.75 inches / 89-121 mm

M – 4.75 -5.5 in / 121-140 mm

L – 5.5-6.25 in / 140-159 mm

How to use the CareAline Everyday Mask

Pull the bottom end of the elastic (with the cord lock) over your head and place behind your neck.

Put the mask up to your face and position over your nose and mouth.

Pull the top loop of elastic over your head and place at the crown of your head.

Adjust the fit of your mask by pressing the nose wire to fit snugly around the bridge of your nose, and tightening the elastic using the cord lock so the mask fits snugly on your face.


Wash your CareAline Everyday Mask using the following method in your home washer.

All EPA-registered bleach products have instructions for laundry sanitization on the label. Most of them indicate that the proper concentration is 1/3 – 1/2 cup per standard home washing machine load of 14-20 gallons of water. Some of the bleach products may vary in concentration and recommend a different level, so please check the label of the bleach that you are using. Do not use color-safe bleach.

IF YOU ARE WASHING THE MASKS ALONE AND HAVE A WEIGHT SENSING WASHER, PLEASE REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF BLEACH YOU ADD. We recommend washing with some towels and setting your washer to deep water to make sure the concentration is not too high. If the black binding on the mask fades, or you can smell bleach after the mask has been rinsed, you need to reduce the amount of bleach you are using in your load.

Use a regular laundry cycle and be sure to include the rinse step. Failure to rinse the fabric can result in local concentrations of chlorine bleach that may cause irritation to sensitive individuals. After the rinse, you may not be able to smell a bleach odor, but the chlorine bleach is still bound to the fabric.

Detergent is not required for the initial charging wash, but should be used for all maintenance washes along with the EPA-registered chlorine bleach.

The mask can be dried in any manner (tumble drier, line dry, etc.) without affecting the performance.


*The technology is durable up to 75 launderings. 

30 guarantee for manufacturing defects. Due to the nature of the product, no other returns can be accepted at this time. Ships from Fall River, MA in 24 hours. Friday and weekend orders will ship the following Monday. Orders ship via the US Post office, if you need alternative shipping, please contact us at or Call 617-548-7419


  • 5
    everyday mask

    Posted by George Preble on 15th Jan 2023

    excellent fitting and most comfortable masks of all many we ordered over a three year period

  • 5

    Posted by David Fogel on 30th May 2021

    Purchased four masks nearly a year ago and they are just beginning to show their wear now. Delighted that I did not have to bother with paper masks but unhappy that I have boxes of paper masks that I never used.

  • 5
    GREAT MASK but small

    Posted by DK on 23rd Aug 2020

    I am an average weight woman and need to wear the large, to be comfortable. It is GREAT (though the elastic is a little short). The medium is too tight - it rides up on my chin and pulls on my nose... The quality is terrific. Doesn't retain the bleach smell after it's been washed (in bleach).