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CareAline Wrap Limited Edition Print
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Be an active member of your healthcare team. Take a proactive approach in managing the risks associated with your central line.

The CareAline Wrap is an FDA registered, clinically tested solution to many common, problematic line complications. Feel comfortable and secure knowing that your lines are protected from harmful bacteria, reducing your risk for infection and pulling of lines while providing an alternative to irritating tape.*

How to use the CareAline Wrap

Lay the wrap in front of you or your loved one with the label facing down. Pass the line through one of the two button holes. Use the first hole for longer lines, second for shorter. Thread the line between the two layers of fabric and and exit through the first button hole on the opposite side of the wrap. Slide the cap under the label and into the second button hole. Then stretch the wrap around the body and secure with velcro. Pull the wrap up to cover the dressing. Access the line as indicated while keeping the wrap in place and secure.

For a video showing application click here...

Designed for most venous access or gastric lines in the torso such as Hickman, Broviac, Groshong, G-tube, or PEG tube, the CareAline Wrap can easily be moved to the side (just like your clothing) for a site check. It can be positioned in various ways on the body depending on the location of the line and does not contain latex or any type of metal that would interfere with an MRI or any other scan. Whether at the hospital, clinic, home or in the community, you will be provided with the privacy and security to live your life free from the risk associated with hanging venous access and gastric lines.


All of our products can be machine washed on any cycle. We recommend machine drying on a medium heat cycle. Secure the Velcro before washing to protect other clothing.

When in the hospital, you can wash in the sink and lay flat to dry when necessary. We recommend washing every 2-3 days and when soiled. 


**Avoid stretching the fabric when wet - do not wring, or hang to dry.


******If you are a patient in need, please click here.******


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  • 5
    I loved

    Posted by Roberto Pale on 22nd Apr 2021

    There are good product

  • 5
    CareAline Wrap

    Posted by Jacqueline Prior on 2nd Mar 2021

    I really like the wrap !! It was just what I wasl looking for. I am able to use for my Hickman Line I have for TPN. I feel my line is more secure and not just hanging. I no longer have to use medical tape that sticks and irritates skin. The only one recommendation is a different way to tighten instead of Velcro. Takes a little adjusting to put on. I am glad to have this product before I go back to work as it makes me feel more secure with line. I would recommend to others to use.

  • 5
    Great alternative to Gus Gear

    Posted by Leah Simms-Karp on 5th Jan 2021

    We were really happy with our CareAline wrap, so we were thrilled when we had to size up to see this fun limited edition polka dot print! We're finding that it is a really nice alternative to Gus Gear, in that it is less technical and less bulky. We basically use this wrap to hold our daughter's line in place instead of wrapping it in gauze and taping it down to her. She has also developed an allergy to certain adhesive, so this wrap lets us avoid any unnecessary adhesive on her chest. The only thing I would like to see is an option for shorter lines - to have the holes a little closer together. Even just a half inch! Otherwise, we're very happy with her wraps.